Vision Board

Final Draft:




“Often, the focal point is implied by the text, but you can pronounce it with a graphic. You can also use simple shapes and rules to draw attention to the text or balance the page.” (Czarnecki, 2018)

I chose the center as the focal point to help enforce the idea of crossroads coming together. The lines, shapes, and hierarchy all lead to this focal point. I use lines to spiral towards the center. All the shapes and text are laid out to be pulled towards this point. Everything leads the eye to the center.



“Combining images and text can be used as a method to control the pace of a publication. Publications often have clear and natural break points such as new chapters.” (Ambrose & Harris, 2011, p. 90)

I tried to create breaks in the shapes, titles, and lines. Adding headers to sections helped to separate them from other parts. This is shown in the colors versus shapes. I also used line breaks to separate sections. This is more important in separating the text objects. I used shapes for the textures and images and shaped them to radiate from their titles.



“Modular grids are essentially compounds grids consisting of both columns and rows. This combination creates a series of small content areas called modules that may be combined both vertically and horizontally, allowing the designer to create a myriad of different size and shape spatial zones.” (Graver & Jura, 2012, p. 32)

I broke down the page into sections. I then broke those sections down further to lay out the information. Images has a section but then I broke it down for the title and each picture. The upper left-hand section was broken down between, Narrative, Words, and Fonts.



“Opera’s Shiny Demos home page isn’t circular, but the text links all seem to emanate from a common or near common center. It’s easy to imagine the whole shape spinning around one of the squares in the middle or maybe one of the corners where four squares meet.” (Bradley, 2015)

I incorporated the radial design into how I handled the text. I created custom text frames that led to the center. This made the text flow towards the focal point and helped build the hierarchy.



“Experiment with outlining your groups or text; you can also try giving them background colors or images. This is yes another way to link text and create hierarchy.” (Czarnecki, 2017)

I used lines and shapes to help group subjects and build a hierarchy. I used lines to separate elements like the narrative, vocabulary, fonts and the colors from the shapes. I also used shapes to group the textures and images but also separate the images from each other.


Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 11.09.35 PM

“Sections with different levels of importance require different levels of prominence to guide the user through the website and hold their attention. A consistent measure in sections of relatively equal importance is a helpful and reassuring guide. Inconsistency is confusing.” (Glaser, 2015)

When labeling everything, I made sure to keep similar types of information around the same size. Narrative and Shapes are the same font, so they use the same size. Cultural Crossroads and the appropriate words are also around the same size.


First Draft:




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