Story Journal: Week 2


I continued to play with the idea of the crystalards. I came up with a protagonist and I explored the Phantoms more. Bella is half crystalard, half human. This makes her immune to the phantoms’ poison but traditional crystalard skills do not come easy. Since she does not fit so well into her mother’s family she thinks about maybe abandoning it to embrace her human half. With the Phantoms I tried to incorporate more of the phantom quartz into the design. I did this by being able to see the corpses through the crystal skin. A theme for this could be letting outside forces change you or with battling inner natures.



I came up with this guy while sitting in the library. I was thinking about what it would be like to live in a library. Then I started imagining hands reaching out from under the book shelves. Eventually it evolved into this shadow creature that lives in a library. Shade can shapeshift but usually picks a hulking form with red eyes and raccoon like arms to reach into narrow spaces for treats. Shade is intimidating and can be dangerous but is harmless if left alone. A theme for this one could be about getting back what you give. Shade is dangerous yes but will leave customers alone if they are left alone. If they are rude, he bites off a limb. This could be an entertaining character for a magical library that is just trying to do their job and not lose customers. Or books since Shade likes munching on parchment.



The idea of the bubble house came from playing with the neighbor kids. We were blowing bubbles and a bunch got stuck together. It sat on the ground for a little bit before it popped, and I couldn’t help but think it looked like a little house. I later drew the shapes the bubbles formed and added details to make it a house. A fairy or a whacky witch could live in it. A possible theme could be about inner possibilities. Make the outside look like a rickety shack but on the inside, it is buzzing with activity and there are all these rooms.


The Singing Scotty came from an old antique I found while cleaning up. It was a stuffed animal of a Scottish terrier sitting in a basket shaped like a sleigh. Perhaps I can make a short weekly or monthly comic about the adventures of a singing Scotty. A theme could be about finding your own joy.


The anxiety gargoyle came from a fake headline. The headline read, “Notre Dame Gargoyle Going to Stay as Still as Possible Until Arson Investigator Gone”. I then thought about why the gargoyle might do this. The picture that was used featured a gargoyle with wide bulging eyes and I thought, well what if they’re afraid because they have social anxiety. I then came up with a possible story for a children’s book about a gargoyle that lives on a church and tries to help out but has crippling anxiety. A theme for this could be about learning to cope.



I am finding the story journal useful for coming up with kernels for future projects. We just finished up the spring semester at my job so that means I will have more time now to maybe start one of these projects. A theme that seemed to connect the kernels for this week seemed to gravitate towards dealing with outside forces. Or perhaps learning to work with what you have rather than what you want.