Story Journal: Week 3


The Crystal Compass came from watching an episode of Charmed. The main characters were looking for someone and they would repeatedly haul out a map and their scrying crystal. It was a bit cumbersome so I thought, how could this be easier. I came up with attaching a scrying crystal to a compass. You give it a spin and then it slows and points in the direction you need. It would be a lot less cumbersome than a map and swinging a crystal above it.

The flexieel came to me while trying to get water out of my basement. There was enough water I thought eels would be quite comfortable. Then I imagined them coming up through the foundation. Flexieels are able to squeeze through paper thin spaces and cause havoc. My mother used to tell me stories about how troublesome eels could be. So, these creatures could be used in a story as a pest or a constant nuisance.



With all the water that was coming into the basement, I thought of the water pushing the house up and floating away. This led to the idea of a massive flood, and in order to adapt people turned their houses into boats. This results in a world where people sail around in these boat houses. There are floating communities and when houses pass each other they sometimes stop to trade. This could be the setting for a story about a band of pirates. The flexieel could be added to this world as a pest. Infestations of flexieels are known to sink homes. The theme for this story could be about adaption. Adapting to survive, adapting to circumstances, etc.

The Neptune Door is part of a story where a girl agreed to work for Neptune in return for him teaching her how to use her mermaid abilities. The things he asks her for are a series of tasks, similar to Hercules’ tasks. As she grew up, she realized how much of a bad deal this was and tried to get out. He refuses so every time he needs her to go on another mission, he just changes the doorways she walks through. These are the Neptune Doors. She will open a door expecting to step into her bathroom, only to step into an ancient temple halfway across the world. This applies to any door way. The main character is a mermaid that was adopted by a clan of werewolves. Even though she came to Neptune to teach her about her mermaid side, the things that he seems to be teaching her don’t seem like things she wants to become. The theme for this story would be about finding your own identity. This story sprung from the feeling of stepping into the basement and finding a small lake down there.



The Magic Mop is something I came up with while mopping up water from the basement. I was wishing for something that soaked up the water a lot faster and quicker. I came up with an enchanted sponge attached to a broom handle. It makes little squeaky excited sounds when you use it. And when it comes across a huge puddle, a long tongue shoots out and flails about trying to get all the liquid.

The Magic Spinner is more of a back story for a character. In this world there is this magical race that is very powerful. There are very few of them, but many are famous warlocks and witches or hold positions of power. There is a bloodline that is known for spinning magic into thread (like spinning straw into gold). This line only has two members now. A warlock that grants wishes in return for favors and his daughter. The story would focus on the daughter. When the daughter is young, she is whisked away and loses her memories. She escapes from her kidnapper and is found by a traveler couple. They take her in as their own and she has to learn how to use her magic by herself. She hears about a great warlock that lives in the thorn forest that could teach her. The story would focus on her traveling to the castle and trying to get the warlock to take her on as an apprentice. Eventually they would realize who she is and have their reunion. The theme for this would be about finding power from one’s roots. This story came to me while I was sorting yarn and rerolling it. The motion of the yarn running through my fingers made me think of making thread on a spinning wheel. The story spiraled out from there.



My group and I had our video discussion session and we talked about our story journals. One thing that came up is how they used events in their life and framed that into a narrative. The journals I had done, I had looked for inspiration from things around me to build a story. This week I tried to focus less on finding inspiration and just taking what came to me. A lot of it ended up being about water because of the flood though. A theme that connects the stories I have come up with seem to be about change. The first one is focused on using change to get through life. The second is about deciding whether you want to change who are. The last is more about having change happen and then trying to get yourself put back together.