A Little Tidbit: MDM555 Combining Typography

When creating my testimonial ads, the weakest points in the first drafts came from font choices. To help, I was directed to a series of lectures by Ina Saltz. The lecture that led to be the most help was Typography: Choosing and Combing Typefaces. From this lecture I learned that while fonts need to have similar looks, if they are too similar then there is no point in using two fonts. It also gave me an idea of what characteristics to look at when combining fonts. I learned how to combine serif and san-serif fonts and when it is appropriate to use each kind. This helped me to pick fonts that communicated the theme but made the testimonials look like they were part of the same series. My body copy shared a common font. The headers used fonts unique to the voice and theme.



Saltz, I. (2014, October 17). Typography: Choosing and Combing Typefaces. Lecture. Retrieved from https://www.lynda.com/Design-Typography-tutorials/Foundations-Typography-Choosing-Combining-Typefaces/162445-2.html



A Little Tidbit: MDM530 AWS

During my research for the paper I wrote for MDM530 I came across an interesting academic journal titled, Active White Space (AWS) in Logo Designs: Effects on Logo Evaluations and Brand Communication. I did not end up using it as a source for my paper, but I did file it way for later. It goes over using active white space in logos which is something I had not considered before. Sharma (2018) explains how using AWS “will make the logo design visually clearer and more aesthetic by separating and surrounding each individual logo element with white space” (p. 271). I plan on adding the techniques covered in the article to my design toolbox for future projects.



Sharma, N., & Varki, S. (2018). Active White Space (AWS) in Logo Designs: Effects on Logo Evaluations and Brand Communication. Journal of Advertising, 47(3), 270–281. https://doi-org.oclc.fullsail.edu/10.1080/00913367.2018.1463880