Intention Statement

Enrolling for my M.F.A. is only the first act in a collection of steps on my Mastery Journey. I have come up with some tasks and milestones to accomplish over the next twelve months. The first of course, is to stay on top of my course work and work towards getting my degree. The next is to make sure I stay on the schedule of creating at least one project a week. One week I will make a project to update my portfolio. The next week I will make a piece that I can sell, building up my sales and audience. Making sure I do at least one project a week will also keep up my drawing skills and exercises my creativity. At the same time though, I do not want to put too much on my plate that my course work gets put on the back burner. I will have to manage my time into a careful balance. The college I work for offers trainings the second Saturday of every month. As part of becoming a better teacher I will attend every training I can. And lastly, Nickelodeon runs an Artist Program every summer. It is a competition with a general track and a storyboard track and winners get a six-month internship at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. I would like to prepare a separate portfolio that I can use to enter the competition. I know that I have a small chance of even getting past the preliminaries, but this has more to do with fulfilling one of my goals from high school. When I first heard about the competition, I did not have the skills or experience to stand a chance. Now that I am older, I stand a better chance and I am at least fulfilling a long-time goal. This also has the added benefit of exercising skills that I am not necessarily the strongest at. I am good at drawing organic objects and I enjoy those subjects such as people, animals, plants, etc. But inorganics such as props and cityscapes do not come as easy. So, building a portfolio with these types of drawings will help strengthen those skills.

My main objective with all of these milestones is to build and develop my existing skills so that I can be a better artist.